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4 reasons you can’t get a six pack

4 reasons you can’t get a six pack

The famous six pack is a dream for many people, man and woman alike. But there are some roadblocks that prevent you from getting a fit tummy that you might not be aware of. Let’s see some of them:

1st: Posture

Believe it or not, a wrong posture can effect the way your abs look. Before starting that crazy diet, check with an orthopedist if it’s everything okay. Most of the bad posture habits can be fixed with proper exercises, but in more severe cases there is need for some physiotherapy.

2nd: Fluid retention

Fluid retention is another factor that might cause an impression of a fat belly since It lowers the muscle definition. To fix this, drink a lot of water and foods that have high volumes of water in them, like watermelons. Avoid staying sit for long periods of time in the same position and exercise. Also avoid tea and alcohol.

3rd: Wrong diet

Certain foods accumulate fat in the belly and waist area, (ex: potatoes, fried eggs, butter, etc). Also, beware of foods like beans, cabbage and broccoli, which, in some women, cause constipation and make the belly look fat.

4th: Wrong Exercises

Another common problem is the incorrect practice of physical exercises. To get a six pack, you need to lower the fat percentage and to add strong muscles. Therefore you must do aerobic exercises, then add a routine exercise with weight training and bodybuilding in the ab region. There is no perfect formula though since every person needs a different plan according to their needs.

How to make a soup that help you lose weight

How to make a soup that help you lose weight

To be healthy and to help you lose weight, it’s essential that the soup are like a complete meal. For this reason it should have carbs (like rice, potato, etc.), colourful vegetables and protein.
To keep the soup low on calories, don’t add more than one type of carbs at a time, but ad more than one type of vegetables to keep it rich in different nutrients.
Check this guide on how to make a good vegetable soup:

I hope you learned a thing or two about how to make a good and healthy soup, now don’t forget to put the knowledge into practice.

Have fun cooking healthy!

10 Tips for an healthy weight loss

10 Tips for an healthy weight loss

Food, food, food! When we want to lose weight, most of the times we can’t take the food out of our minds. What once was just a spontaneous act is now a scheduled event. Why? Because to lose weight we must eat at predefined times through the day.

Food is a source of pleasure, but mostly a source of energy and vital nutrients for our bodies. Let’s be honest, who really enjoys diets and food discipline? Forget about it. Diets with very restricted foods and meals without a flavor are hard to keep on. If you wish to lose weight quickly for an “emergency” or purely because of aesthetics be aware of the kind of diet you take. if you spend a couple of weeks just eating salads or vegetable shakes, even though you can lose a couple of pounds, in the end you will end up by gaining the same weight again once you begin to eat “normally” again. So in the end are those emergency diets really effective? To lose weight permanently and to improve your overall health and well being, the solution is to make a deep change in the way you eat and live. There are no secrets or magic tricks in losing weight, the only thing it takes to succeed is to make a long lasting change in our way of live.

Check our 10 tips to make this change happen and lose weight in a healthy way with long lasting effects:

1st: Don’t rush it. If you are overweight ask yourself “For how long have I been overweight?” If it toke you so long to gain weight, don’t expect to lose it in a matter of days.

2nd: Gradually change your attitude towards the food. We are literally made of what we eat so we should start to change the way we think and feel about what we put in our mouths.

3rd: Don’t stop eating the food you like from one day to another. Actually you don’t have to stop eating it, just learn how and when to do it (yes you can still go to McDonald’s, just don’t go there as often).

4h: Control your anxiety. Find an hobby or another distraction so your attention isn’t always on the food.

5th. Organize and schedule all your meals.

6th. Change that unhealthy snack or candy for a piece of fruit of your preference.

7th: Drink A LOT of water.

8th: Make colourful meals. Salads and vegetables should be a daily presence at lunch and dinner time.

9th: If other people notice that you are changing your habits and ask you if you are making a diet, say NO out loud. Many people like to sabotage other people’s efforts to improve their live as a mechanism of defence to justify their own bad habits and lack of effort to change them.

10th: Trust in yourself! have faith and a positive attitude. Being confident your goal more easy and rewarding to achieve.